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Your business has to be sold, your products and services have to be sold. Want help? We can help identify customers anywhere in this global village.

Good Marketing is not an accident but the result of careful planning and execution. You may not have a team specifically working on this aspect of sales. Well, Asimo can pitch in to offer a variety of marketing solutions to maximize sales in any region or country. We can provide back end support by offering the following services at an affordable price. Partner with us and see the difference.
A coordinated marketing effort will yield better market penetration and hence higher sales of your products. Once we understand your services, your market presence and your targets, we can design suitable strategies both for promotion and for recommendation.

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0.25$ Per Email of any directory professionals


Plans detail Premium Ultimate
Price 250 USD 350 USD
Number of Leads 1000 1000
Info includes Company name, Contact Name, Contact Email Refer table 2 (chosen fields)

Table 2:

Company Contact 1
Company Name Contact Name
Address 1 Contact Title
Address 2 Job Title
State Job Code
Province Email
Zip code Email Direct/Extrapolated
Country Phone
Website Extension
Switchboard Country
Alternate Phone Profile Link
Industry Type Email Link
Industry/SIC Code
Address Link

* information sourced based on the availability
** more data on demand
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Asimo Linguistics

1. Email Marketing – Lead Generation
Direct Emails of Chief level contact / customer are collected from company websites, public profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, business directories like Zoominfo, Bloomberg, yellow pages, classifieds, third party websites etc.
Lead Generation Process
We would like to offer a reliable lead generation service to promote your website and products through emails and thus ensure market penetration and sales growth. We can generate leads both regionally and at international levels based on your requirements.

* We generate leads using authorized details from company website, LinkedIn, Zoominfo, other business directories and public profiles for b2b services.
* Our aim is to obtain direct emails and phone numbers of highest authorities and decision makers like CEO, MD, VP, SVP, Chief, Head, Manager, Regional and Country head of various domains i.e. Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Operation, Online sales, etc., so that you may reach out to them directly through emails.
* We use advanced techniques which would help you to narrow down your leads to the desired results under various categories like the industry, country, domain and designation.

Production of leads
* One-man head could produce an average of 60 leads per day based on the fields required (Fields namely: Company Name, Company phone, Company Location, Complete Address (if needed), Industry Type, Address link. In contacts fields like First and Last name, Job Title, Email, Direct Email/Extrapolated, contact phone (if available), contact location, email found link.
* On a weekly basis, one-man head can provide 300 leads and about 1200 leads per month.
Quality of leads
* The generated leads are from authorized resources; however, the data will be cross checked by our quality controller to ensure that all the data are valid.
* All the emails will be bounce-checked and the hard bounce emails will be removed or replaced with correct emails on availability.
* Good conversion rate in email marketing as we directly reach the end decision maker.
* Cold calling can be done with the contact phone numbers obtained.



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